Sunday, 7 March 2010

a man's dream set-up

Paul Bailey very kindly let me deliver my trike to him on a family day and unfortunately I was slightly late (Google Maps, it's Mill Rd, not Hill Rd Grrrrr), plus I should have turned left at Chatteris and gone down to Earith rather than the familiar route back along the A142, then to Sutton (the crossing at Sutton Gaunt is still flooded); didn't occur to me until Lizzie mentioned it. I suppose that flying it regularly, she is familiar with the fact that the washes start at Earith. Doh!

Paul's place is amazing, with automatic gates, long paved drive and a man's dream of a set-up...workshops, delivery bay, courtyards etc and, best of all, his own airstrip. Over breakfast this morning, Lizzie and I designed my dream property, which is basically a hangar with a mezzanine and a control tower on top and three runways to cover all eventualities.

Paul took delivery of my trike and says he is getting his own Dragonfly, so I am hoping that Steve and I can fly with him soon. Hopefully the engine has nothing too much wrong with it; fingers crossed. He is going to look at it Monday. If I collect it Friday night after work, or very early Saturday, I may get to fly again next weekend.

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