Tuesday, 23 March 2010

How about piloting a 1/3rd scale Bristol Blenheim?

Vickers Wellington

I have been talking to a chap on a forum who, when I suggested forming a group to design and build a pilotable scale replica of a Lancaster (in response to an American doing the same with a Flying Fortress, said he'd provide four 20hp engines.

This chap's Flying Fortress has been scaled UP from RC model plans!
(click image for clear look)

He later suggested we build a Wellington instead -
because he said the wing will scale well to satisfy an SSDR specification wing loading and a span of 30'. He sounds as mad as me, so hopefully he doesn't think I am only kidding; though I have since said I'd prefer to do a Mk1 Bristol Blenheim.

Mk1 Bristol Blenheim

Presumably my head would stick out the top of the fuselage, somewhere around that hatch panel between the wings, sitting semi-recumbent?

Sounds bloody marvellous!

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