Saturday, 13 March 2010

Another yellow aeroplane

John Williams, based at Sandy

After I had put my trike to bed at Sutton Meadows and locked the hangar, I saw a yellow X-Air landing (and we all know that I love yellow aeroplanes) and I got talking to its owner, John Williams, who is based at Sandy and has had his licence about a year.

After a cuppa he offered to take me up. I borrowed a headset from Dave Broom and then clambered into the cab, which is a contortionist's trick, clearly not designed for old men or anyone with a bad back. You have to step clear of all struts etc and clamber in knees first, kneel on the seat, then slide one leg from under you into the foot well, then by pushing against the other seat-back, swing the other leg from under you and over the stick.

I should have taken a picture of the inside of the cockpit. It is definitely a different kind of flying to mine, with lots more space for instruments, charts etc...and of course you don't have to suit-up. Compared to the Dragonfly, the climb-rate was quite dramatic but into wind it seems to limp along. But who cares? Flying isn't about speed.

I really enjoyed my 3-axis experience. It is ages since my last one and one of these days I am going to have to take a conversion because there are so many aeroplanes I would like to try out. You get a remarkable amount of aeroplane for about 5 grand second hand. Though the prospect of John's estimated £2.7k per annum even before he takes off is really a painful prospect. There is a heck of a lot to be said for SSDR. John's recent service cost him £500, where mine, as I say, just cost me nothing.

Many thanks to John for taking me up.


John said...

Happy to take you up, the wind had picked up and it was a slow journey home, I was glad I had lots of fuel, I learned a good lesson not to go downwind on the way out :)


Tinworm said...

I enjoyed our flight, thanks