Tuesday, 15 December 2009

staying behind after class

The only trouble with my rather old vario is that it had only a small area on its oddly shaped bodywork which could act as a velcro surface for fixing it to my binnacle's face, so today I designed and made a mounting bracket using scrap polythene and the strip heater in the school's DT department. The solution, which is lined with velcro, more than doubles the surface touching the binnacle...and when I tested it out, it was bloomin' difficult to remove....No way will it just fall off, however severe the jolt. But just in case, there is a safety lanyard included.

It looks pinkish, but actually it is very nearly the same red as my Dragonfly :)
The photos I took are really awful (must be able to do better than my phone)...but they give the idea.

Rarely has a better hour been spent staying behind after school!


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