Tuesday, 1 December 2009

a cure for wind

The BMAA magazine carried an article a month or two ago, which caught my imagination: what if it is too windy to fly? Why not exploit that wind and sail....ON THE AIRFIELD!

I love it! It is inspired!

At the Flying Show I met Jane and Mike, who sell the X Sail land-yacht, and a very tidy bit of design it is! Lizzie and I have given serious thought since to buying one together, though it will only be practical if I am able to persuade Rougham Estates to let me "fly" it there, as I don't know if there is anywhere more suitable nearby. It may not be practical, as grass is not the ideal surface (friction)....but tempting nonetheless.

The whole yacht assembles without tools and breaks down into a bag which can be carried in the boot of a car...and for those of us with bad backs, it can be pulled along on its own wheels, as the bag wraps around the knocked-down fuselage - ingenious!

As a design graduate I love clever design! Have a look.

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