Sunday, 13 December 2009

Sutton Meadows for the winter.

Last night I rang Mary Robinson at Sutton Meadows and confirmed that I am going to keep my Dragonfly up there for the winter, semi-rigged in a hangar bay. I think I will get more flying in. I will keep my wing rigged and use the seat-break method to fix my trike to it. It means a longer drive, but time saved rigging and de-rigging the wing will more than compensate....and with less time taken with de-rigging at the end of the day, I will be able to fly closer to sunset - this is more relevant in winter when the days are so short.

I may keep the trike there in the bay....having the option to bring it home for fiddling around with. I have a lockable steel box which I can keep tools etc in, and I think I will make a shelf unit for panels etc. With everything to hand in my bay...waiting for me at Sutton, all I will need to do when I decide to fly is grab my kitbag and leap in the car (at present I have a couple of hours of loading and prepping before I can set out, and I need someone to help me carry the wing to the van..around difficult corners).

I think Sutton is really the way to go.

Also, flying from Sutton will mean that Lizzie and I will be at the same field, which will be fun
. And if the trike is at Sutton, we will be able to go up together in the van.

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