Sunday, 29 March 2009

Tintin saves the day! (almost)

A work in progress, but nearly done. It is on my kitchen wall and reaches up towards the ceiling. I painted until 2 a.m. (eeeeek, 3a.m.!) before a hot bath. I wanted to get the face right. You'd be amazed how hard it is to do a Hergé face...with its mere five blobs; that man was a genius! I stippled the flushed cheeks last. Just need to paint the rather tricky wing root line and fillet line- tricky because I want them not to wobble (which is not easy in housepaint) but can't use masking tape because the lines arc over the wing shape.

Incidentally, I don't know why Hergé had Tintin climb out the front of a tandem cockpit! He was usually very accurate with details. I don't know which story this is (the image was on a card), but whatever that aeroplane is, is almost certainly inspired by an actual model. Hergé did a lot of research.

Of course, it is another yellow aeroplane!

Click the Chippy to read about my tandem cockpit experience. The fact that the spinner and leading edges are yellow really tickles me.

News from my own cockpit

I cancelled today's bookings so that I ration my flying; the fewer the hours, the more each one will count for in my revision - it is far too easy to blow time. It is now feeling incredibly expensive. One more hour of not quite getting it right is another £100 spent (plus petrol and accommodation). So frustrating and I am flying on vapour in the wallet department.

Flying tomorrow. Must make sure I am completely focused and have read all my notes, while at the same time, must relax. Another student boosted me with the assurance that Neill had told him that my flying is now "brilliant", but that what lets me down is thinking about it too earnestly. Hard not is in my make-up.

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