Thursday, 12 March 2009

Greetings to Kevin

Kevin in Norway is 17 and keen to get into microlighting and, like me most of my life, is daunted by the cost. But I have reassured him that if he goes for it now, training will take him a heck of a lot less time than it does for older guys like me. Ben Ashmen reckons that people should expect to take a minimum of one hour's training for every year of their life, which means that if the Norwegian licence is anything like ours, he will finish in minimum time, and can then spend any left over savings on a cheap, second-hand machine, of which there are several on ebay for under three grand.

Thanks to Kevin for providing this link to someone who flies somewhere near him.

Best of luck, Kevin. I envy you, mate, because you have a full lifetime's flying ahead of you!
Go for it!

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