Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Quantum of Solace

This is the Quantum I have been doing my flying revision in, both for dual and solo, having consolidated in the Dragonfly; the Quantum is what I will be tested in. It has a glorious wing, which is far easier to land than the GT450...and quite honestly, if I had started in the Q'tum, I think I would have soloed a lot earlier. Mastering the GT flare and round-out is a bit of a rite of passage , and probably a very good place to start. I sort of feel that if you can land a GT, you will probably be pretty good on anything else.

The GT 450 is a bit of a thoroughbred, so appeals to both schools and students. I am not certain why schools like it, but students will undoubtedly think that they are getting the best machine available and at twenty-something grand a piece, this might be their only chance to fly one. I imagine that being a top of the range machine gives it kudos in any school's hangar.
Whatever the merits of the GT450 - to my mind a Formula 1 machine, I have always been a Ford Prefect kind of bloke, so give me something less full of itself anyday. To be fair, though, it wasn't so long ago that the Q'tum was top of the line itself and it has certainly proved itself and holds its value. If I was going to get a two seater and didn't already have a Dragonfly, I would get one of these.


The cross-wind yesterday was very challenging and a friend of mine who must be due to solo soon, didn't, and as I landed, I thought to myself, "Phew, that was really tough, you wouldn't want to solo in that"...and then realised that I just had done....which is a measure of how far I have come! Each tricky approach made me feel like calling it a day.......but as my wheels touched down on the numbers, I felt an urge to do better....so rolled again.

Neill seems pretty confident that if the weather is kind, I shall get my licence this month.

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