Sunday, 27 March 2011

I flew today

I started the day wanting to sell the Dragonfly.

....but the price went up as the day went on; as it started and failed, then started again...and finally, after the intervention of friends, started and kept going. And now I want to keep it and spend the summer enjoying it...

....but regular readers know I will change my mind tomorrow! (still want to do 3-axis, still fancy having something which can fly on windier days, etc)

But at least now I have a plane which will sell!

Incidentally, my problem was caused by the fact that the grub screw which blocks the bottom of the pulse drain was missing, thereby affecting the differential pressure in the fuel lines (I think). Doug, a very experienced engine man at Great Oakley, cut the end off a bolt (to remove the thread) and stuck it up the drain, securing it with a zip-lock! Nice, simple solution...but the genius was in spotting the problem in the first place (as he chatted it over with a fellow Dragonflier on the phone).....sparing me hours of shooting in the dark.

I started the day feeling low but ended it on a high (though not too high, because the viz was awful above 800'!).....I flew for an hour....all in sight of the airfield....taking stock of my new home field and its surroundings.

Many thanks to Doug! It is great to be flying again!

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