Saturday, 19 March 2011

Great Oakley

Yesterday I moved my wing from Sutton Meadows to Great Oakley in my new van (pleased to find that the wing-carrier fit it, being a variant of the same model), and today, having taken two hours stripping the riveted bulkhead out, I did the same with the trike.

At Sutton Meadows Dave Broom wished me well, and I was rather touched when Dave Garrison came out especially, as I tied my hi-viz dishcloth to the back of my wing, to wish me bon voyage. I'd had a rather satisfying afternoon in which the packing of the wing went very well indeed (am really quite skilled at it now; good teaching on Steve Wilson's part), and I met retired Lt Colonel Bryan Smy, now a BMAA inspector. He realised I was ex-TA when I apparently said "Clear; ease springs" when detensioning my tip-wands.

Today I rigged the wing (am getting good at this, too) and put the Dragonfly together. I found that my electrical connections are fine, but the engine did not start, so spark plug and valve clearance checks will be necessary next time I go up...possibly Friday.

If it had started I might have squeezed in a flight...I was rigged by 5pm. Still, I am well on the way to a great Easter and summer..and in good company too. The chap who helped me carry my wing into the field owns the aeroplane behind mine, a Cherokee which was impounded for smuggling guns and drugs. Also chatted to Doug, Craig and Sam this evening, all three of whom were very welcoming - we share the hangar - and very complimentary about the Dragonfly. Flying at Sutton was rather a lonely business to be honest, but this lot are very keen. I have already been promised a back seat next time it is too windy to go up in my Dragonfly.

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