Saturday, 27 November 2010

sub-zero, shnub je'ro! I want to go up!

The internal debate this weekend is, "will I get up in the air tomorrow, or not"? Am all packed and ready (bought a fishing bag at a carboot for only £20, new, which has room for everything in well padded pockets and is much lighter than my wheeled tender).

So, ok, it is sub-zero...but the snow will have stopped and wind is just 7mph at its worst for the day. Should I risk the drive (snow, ice and idiots) and a blowout on the snow camouflaged, crater infested off-road track? And what will traction on the runway be like...and how easy to spot it from the air, covered in snow?

I think I will just bimble close to home and go through all the drills, some practice forced landings it has been two months.

Just praying the wind might drop just a wee bit (been rising) and the tempreature creep up even just a degree (been dropping)!
Yes, I will undoubtedly be miserably cold, but I know the scenery will be stunning and I will be aviating!

I want to go.

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