Friday, 12 November 2010

I look like a fool, but I get the last laugh

I have just unloaded at Sutton and logged on to the flying club computer, having come here straight from Paul Bailey's farm, where he ran through all the checks on my engine and found the source of the problem in about twenty minutes flat. The price? To be the butt of a joke Paul will share with Ben Ashman....

My wiring of the auxiliary power socket was the source of the problem. I had wired the positive up correctly, but my negative should have been earthed through the chassis and not connected to the black wire.

My initial embarrassment was saved, however, when I remembered that I'd been completely oblivious to the very existence of the two wires until Ben Ashman pointed them out and suggested I plug my GPS into them. He seems to have been as unaware as I was that the black wire is commonly used by paramotorists for a KILL SWITCH!

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