Tuesday, 8 June 2010

magic slate writer

I have come up with a very simple way of fixing my Aware+ to my leg. I went to my local haberdasher's and they sold me several different types of velcro, which I use for all sorts of things (I am a Flylight convert and as one write-up said, Flylight make their aeroplanes out of the stuff).

I use the sew-on, fluffy sided velcro as a leg-strap. I wrap it round my leg, then connect the two ends together by just placing the fuzzy panel (on the back of the GPS) down on them. Simple. The fuzzy velcro is sticky-backed. It is designed for sticking down carpet, so this is super sticky stuff. It is structurally rigid, so won't peel away at the corners of the GPS unit.

Even though I shall be flying in the wide open, I have complete confidence that I won't lose it.
I have cut the leg strap long enough to fit over my suit but I can take up any slack if wearing shorts or jeans by just over-lapping it. Perfect.

Especially now that I am going to be talking to ATC, I am going to want to take notes, but there can be no question of tearing pages off and chucking them on to the floor of the cockpit (what cockpit; what floor), so I have been trying to come up with a simple, paper-free solution and then it came to me . I needed one of those magic slates we had as kids,where you write with a stylus, then pull out the board and push it back in to clear it.

So I got this one for under £2 on ebay. It isn't totally right for my needs, but I am experimenting with something similar. It needs to be about half the size and I am planning to have it strapped to my leg. It will be spring-loaded, so that I can pull out the board with one hand and it will spring back into place, clear. The board will need to slide smoothly in the frame, which it doesn't yet.
I am not sure if you can use ordinary carbon paper - will need to try some.

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