Thursday, 17 June 2010

GPS power from trike

I want to run my GPS from my trike's battery and couldn't find a hard-wire kit, so I have got these two items off ebay and I am actually rather pleased with them. They snap together to provide an accessory socket (like a car cigarette lighter socket) for my GPS charger to fit into. It is wired to reduce the 12V down to 5 and the output will be 1.3amps. As it is, the Aware+ will only run for about half an hour on its internal battery (and then there is the hassle of charging). My solution will give it continuous power.

The snap connectors can also be disconnected to allow me to attach an
Optimate charger, which will mean being able to charge the battery without cutting the lock-wire which keeps the connections secured.

Must remember to disconnect when not running the engine, though!

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