Tuesday, 15 September 2009

You are responsible for your own hours; don't assume your instructor is monitoring them

This is one of the best bits of advice I can give you, if you are learning to fly. Not only should you not assume that anyone else is monitoring your minimums, but you should make sure that you are keeping them current. I learnt this the hard way.

My application for a full licence was sent back with an issue which needed sorting out. Despite having flown several more hours of navigation training than are needed, I was found to be ten minutes short of the minimum required for ex18. For want of ten mins, I couldn't get my licence.

Having thought I'd finished, I had to go back and make up the time.

Ah well, it is all done now and I have received my logbook back, together with the letter of congratulations from the BMAA. In the next few days, they say, I should receive my licence in the post from the CAA.

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