Sunday, 20 September 2009

fighting a cold

As I am starting a new job tomorrow, teaching at a special school, I want to be fighting fit, so I have been drinking loads of water and fighting a cold this weekend...and, unable to sit watching TV or whatever else you are meant to do when sick, I have been down in the workshop.

I took an aluminium ladder, cut it in half, bolted the halves together and made sloping landings and hooks...and now have a ramp which hooks safely over the steel bumper, and which fits comfortably on the two roof bars next to the wing ladder on the roof in transit. There are a few bits of finishing off to do, not least of all adding some narrow strips (15cm wide) of aluminium treadplate.

the ramp sits next to the wing ladder and over the roof bars

The paint on the front support and brace is now dry, so I did a dry run this afternoon and it all feels fine....though I do worry that the strain on the van's front wings will be bad. Lizzie is giving me some old flippers so that I can dampen the load. The roof bars are said to hold 75kg, but it is not clear whether that is per bar or pair, as sold. The wing will be 38kg, the al ladder is 10kg and the ramp will be another 15, max (est), giving a total load of 63kg, so it really doesn't matter whether the limit is per bar or pair, especially as the front support will be taking about 24kg (eek, seems a lot!). The dummy run seemed pretty sound.

Next Saturday we will see how it copes, as I will collect my wing, having postponed this weekend's trip to nurse this cold.



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