Thursday, 7 March 2013

another Dragonfly's big end bearing failure

Yesterday I heard of another big end bearing going on a Dragonfly, which makes three (including mine - and I didn't know about the one before mine when I purchased my Dragonfly, so there could easily be others).

 I had been telling the pilots at Chatteris about the kicking my confidence took in my first year of being licenced when I had six engine failures in the Dragonfly, the last of which was never diagnosed by Paul Bailey, who ended up just replacing all the ancillaries on the engine. Its new owner gets lots of joy out of it, but he ought to, he has practically a new engine.

For all that the Dragonfly could be a wonderful fly, I will never be able to forgive the Bailey engine for really shaking my confidence and for having put my girlfriend off flying microlights altogether.

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