Sunday, 11 November 2012

Hi Piotr

My nav is getting better. Today I flew this plan and completed it with an error of only 45 seconds! It was a triangle from Mendlesham to Bawdsey on the coast, past Woodbridge aerodrome and Bentwaters to Framlingham, then back to base via Debenham. The air was very smooth indeed, except near the ground. I had an irritating niggle along the way with my glasses which rode up under my visor; going to have to find a way to secure them better.

A highlight of the day was taking Piotr (Peter) up. He came to the airfield on spec, having read about it on a forum. He wants to fly and is going to start off on hang gliders. Piotr is Polish and has been here, with his wife, for four years.

Piotr borrowed a suit and helmet from a hang glider pilot, as I didn't have any spare kit with me, and unfortunately that meant we had no comms, apart from thumbs-up. We flew around Fram castle at about 700' and enjoyed turbines and the old windmill en route. A really spectacular introduction to England from the air. 

Piotr, it was good to meet you. See you again at the airfield. 

It was great to be back in the air after an awful summer, which included a foot infection which put me on crutches, several head colds, diabolical weather and a need to change the front wheel's innertube, as it had been creeping on landing, so that the valve was being drawn into the wheel and becoming very hard to reach with a pump.

I replaced it with an angled valve, like the ones on the back, hoping it would clear the trailing link, but sadly it didn't and I had to change the tube yet again. Never mind, at least it is another job that I now know I can do on the plane, myself. Incidentally, taking the tyre off with levers wasn't too tricky, but putting it back on was a bugger and not worth the effort. Orwell Motorcycles in Ipswich did it both times for no charge.

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