Sunday, 11 March 2012

RAF new home

I think I am right in saying that our hangar is at the intersection of the W-E and NW-SE the end of the original main runway, 25 (250deg). It is a WW2 structure, but I presume it was moved by the farmer? I have no idea where it would originally have been sited. Our runway is less than a third of the length of the original one. Mendlesham Mast (B on far left of top picture) is now roughly where the original control tower stood.

During WW2 the airfield was first an RAF fighter station with Spitfire MkIXs, then a base for the
34th Bombardment Group, (USAAF), flying B17s.

There is a memorial, where I must go and pay my respects, and numerous derelict buildings, but as with many such sites, they have become storage and factory units. I have seen one blister hangar like ours just beside the A140 ( behind the mast) which is the site of a steel fabrication company and other structures are in this compound. The Mast is the main feature in the area, at 1,002', when you are flying in. You can also see it a long way off when arriving by road. I took this somewhat blurry picture of the mast at dawn this morning from the hangar.


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