Thursday, 10 November 2011


I am excited. I have a new goal: to learn to glide. I am booked for an hour in a motor-glider on Saturday. It is a winch-launch glider with an engine used, once in flight, to gain height. It means that unlike other glider launches which would generally be brief (this time of year, anyway), I can go up for an hour, giving the instructor plenty of time to assess my potential and to lay some foundations.

I am told that winter is a great time to start learning to glide, when the air is a lot more stable than it is in the warmer months. I will be honest, I want to do this principally because it is a very affordable way to convert to 3-axis control. But I do have to say that I am attracted, also, to the intelligence of gliding...the fact that you have to read the sky and get your judgements right; the fact that when it comes to landing, for instance, there is no such thing as a go-around!

. . . . .

Meanwhile, Craig has very kindly offered to re-wire my trike, which has an appalling embarrassment of a loom under the dash. You only have to look at the elegance of his own lay-out to know what kind of a job he will do on my aeroplane.


Micro Flight said...

Gliding as great fun. Was just wondering if you still have your MW-6, if so what you are doing with it, where are you based etc. I have a MW-6T aswell if you wanna learn more visit

Tinworm said...

I never did by that MW-6, though I really wanted to. The guy who owns the airfield played hard-ball on rent, so that it was financially impossible.

Looking forward to seeing your blog

Micro Flight said...

Oh right. sorry to hear that.
Cant wait to continue reading your blog


Tinworm said...

Thanks Edward. I liked the look of yours.