Sunday, 22 May 2011

Sold one plane and bought another!

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Without ever advertising it....but for mooting the idea on here....I have sold my Dragonfly for what I originally paid for her, albeit that it is now worth rather more, as I have added a foot throttle, quick release prop boss...and now that the carb and pump and big end have been up-rated too. I took her down to her new owner, a long-time reader of this blog, and demonstrated her from his airfield and had a ball. It was rather a brief demo of just three circuits, as the wind was scarily rough, but I wanted him to know for sure that he was getting a sound machine.

It has been out of action for a few weeks because I had a problem with the old carb, but replacing it has solved the problem of it burning too much fuel; so much so that the pump could not keep it supplied and it cut out on me in flight, which was rather worrying. I brought my buyer up to speed on this and we both awaited news from Bailey's anxiously. So that test flight was exciting for us both.

There was a nasty cross wind on take-off, tight turns to avoid habitation etc...and very bumpy air around 400'.....I gained no more height because it is a very small circuit and there were lots of obstacles below....little opportunity to stretch the climb in a straight line - this was a test flight after all...and I was anxious about the need not to gain height over buildings (with the chance of a sudden loss of power) etc. I attempted a cross-strip take-off to get up into wind but ran out of strip and aborted....not nice!....and not at all pretty! Thankfully, Bailey's had done a good job and all went well when I took off straight down the strip, starboard wing slightly down..

It was great to be able to fly her before I let her that I would be left with a great final impression and my buyer could start with a great one too.

Meanwhile, Neill was elsewhere in the country looking over a Quantum 582, which he says is a really great buy, very well maintained and with a superbly documented service history. I am completely delighted. I can't say more now, for fear of jinxing the sale, but I have put down a deposit and by the end of Half Term, she should be in my hangar.

Craig, Doug and Sam at Great Oakley are very pleased for me...all offering advice and help, and as well as now being able to fly with them, I have the assurance of Craig's in-depth knowledge of the Quantum and Doug's all-round wizardry with Rotax engines. So I never need worry about maintenance and problems; I know I will have all the help I need.

So, on a single day I sold one plane and bought another (and made a handsome profit too!)

What a day!

p.s. Rather gratified by Neill's impressed response when I said I had flown, in what was to all the country's fliers one hell of a windy day. "So, you manned up and went anyway! Just as well you had a great teacher!"

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