Wednesday, 16 February 2011

aircraft sharing - a multi-aircraft syndicate?

The point of me selling my Dragonfly is to make it possible to fly 3-axis, but I am torn because, if at all possible, I would still like to hold on to it. So it just occurred to me that there may be someone with a three axis out there who might fancy sharing theirs and mine on a quid pro quo basis.

In point of fact I do wonder why clubs don't set up schemes for sharing a range of aircraft, as classic car enthusiasts do. My third party insurance covers any pilot. I think that provided some agreement could be arrived at where whoever damages an aircraft recognises their responsibility for repairs, it ought to be possible to share.

Ownership is less important to me than the possible availability of different types of aircraft...for different occasions.

I proposed the idea of the aircraft "open marriage" here, to get some reaction from fellow pilots: an owner is married to his or her plane (100% ownership) but is allowed to play with others' planes, and they with his.

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