Thursday, 5 August 2010

Thanks Cath Vickers - for the 8th August, two years ago!

Just got off the phone to Neill, who said that on the 8th August it'll have been two years since we started flying together. Two years!

Cath Vickers had the inspiration to book Neill to instruct me because I was hanging around, wasting time at Sywell during prime evening flying time, when all Flylight's instructors had clocked off for the day; I was camping at the airfield for the summer, but it was often too thermic to fly during the middle of the day.

I'd had a great grounding with Phil, but Neill's arrival put my training in over-drive and was the beginning of a great friendship too. Neill always said I'd miss the "the best days of your life", and he was right. After 11 months I passed my test -only needing some cross-country qualifiers to get the licence, which was issued 21st September 2009.

So we have been planning for me to go up to Sackville soon for an hour in his Quantum, and once my first year with a full licence is up I am going to do some fixed wing with him too. Neill's been saying I should fly into Sackville in the Dragonfly. I would if I could but the weather has been crap, quite frankly. Must get up in the air soon, though.

So, I have had my licence 10 months. I feel like I have forgotten so much of what I was taught, and Neill says that in a way, that is a good thing to be doing - forget the academic stuff and just fly. And that is exactly what I have been doing.

Anyway, for August the 8th, thanks very much, Cath. It was an inspired idea!


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