Tuesday, 6 July 2010


I went to Sutton Meadows today in the hope of flying, but doing so was frustrated by necessary fettling and by wind (not mine).

The "slight second" front strut's bushes were too tight for pinning so needed easing out, for which I had to use a screwdriver and the thread of a bolt...in the absence of a reemer or file...and eventually they fit well enough to rig....but I need to finish them off at home.

I tried out my quick release boss, which I like a lot.

I have the trike all together now and have added in to the back of the seat some of the wiring for my auxilliary socket. Incidentally, I learned from Ben a few days ago that I have two spare wires (spades) in the loom for just this sort of thing....so won't wire straight to the battery.

I heard Ben use the term fettling, so used it today. I just looked it up and it has various meanings, but is derived from the metallurgical industries and is to do with lining the furnace with sand and ore before pouring molten metal. It can also mean knocking the excess metal (sprue etc) off a cast component and has come to mean fixing or repairing; and cleaning something up or putting a finishing touch on something.

So, especially when cleaning out those bushes on the front strut, but in prepping my trike, generally, I really was fettling this evening.

And now I shall fettle to my bed.


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